• 3 Ways To Keep Your Cat Safe During The Holiday Season

    Now that autumn is right on the heels of late summer, many people's thoughts are starting to turn to the holiday season. You may be mulling over menus for seasonal feasts and wracking your brain to come up with the perfect gifts for everyone on your gift list. But what about your kitty? The holiday season can be hard on household pets, and cats in particular may be adversely affected because most of them simply aren't as social as their canine counterparts.
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  • Why Regular Groomings Are a Necessity for Your Long-Haired Cat

    Long-haired cats are beautiful and luxurious-looking, but they require some extra maintenance work in comparison to short-haired cats. If your long-haired cat isn't currently being groomed on a regular basis either by you or by a professional, this needs to change right away. Going without grooming can potentially hurt your cat or even put its life at risk. Read on to discover why your cat needs to start getting groomed right now.
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