3 Ways To Keep Your Cat Safe During The Holiday Season

Posted on: 28 August 2018

Now that autumn is right on the heels of late summer, many people's thoughts are starting to turn to the holiday season. You may be mulling over menus for seasonal feasts and wracking your brain to come up with the perfect gifts for everyone on your gift list. But what about your kitty?

The holiday season can be hard on household pets, and cats in particular may be adversely affected because most of them simply aren't as social as their canine counterparts. If you're planning on having holiday houseguests or hosting seasonal gatherings, for instance, your cat may feel uncomfortable with the presence of others in your home and may even run away if given the chance. Following are three ways that you can help ensure that your kitty stays as safe as possible this holiday season. 

Keep Mistletoe and Holly Out of Reach of Kitty

Mistletoe is poisonous for both cats and dogs, and it comes apart very easily. If you have it hanging in a doorway, for instance, chances are good that a leaf or two will break away and fall to the floor, which could cause a curious kitty to require a trip to the local veterinary clinic

Create a Safe Room for Kitty 

Choose a room to use as a safe haven for your cat during those times when you're hosting holiday dinners, cocktails parties, open houses, or other festivities. Cats often slip out the door when people are in and out of the home, and if you're entertaining a group of people, your attention will undoubtedly be on your guests as well as the food and beverages you're serving. It's best to keep kitty in a safe room during these times. If possible, it should be a room toward the back of the home that doesn't normally receive traffic. If you're going to be having a lot of people over, it may be a good idea to put a sign on the door indicating that it is not to be opened, and you should check on kitty periodically throughout the course of the festivities. 

If You're Traveling, Consider Boarding Instead of a Pet Sitter

Most people believe that hiring a pet sitter is a better option for cats than using the services of a boarding kennel, but this isn't necessarily the truth. Pet sitters usually come to your home once or twice per day to feed the cat and clean the litter box, while cats in boarding situations have someone there almost all the time. This is an especially good option if your kitty needs to have medication administered or has health issues.