Why Regular Groomings Are a Necessity for Your Long-Haired Cat

Posted on: 25 March 2018

Long-haired cats are beautiful and luxurious-looking, but they require some extra maintenance work in comparison to short-haired cats. If your long-haired cat isn't currently being groomed on a regular basis either by you or by a professional, this needs to change right away. Going without grooming can potentially hurt your cat or even put its life at risk. Read on to discover why your cat needs to start getting groomed right now.

Hair Clumps

Clumped fur is a common problem with long-haired cats. These hair clumps form when oily fur sticks to other pieces of fur, creating a clump similar to dreadlocks. Initially, these clumps can be combed out, but if enough time passes, they can no longer be de-tangled. At this point, they have to be shaved off your cat.

Unfortunately, shaving fur clumps requires shaving all the way down to the base of the coat. This is often uncomfortable for cats and can potentially cause skin irritation.

Matting Injuries

If hair clumps weren't bad enough, severe clumps can become full-fledged matting in your cat's fur. Fur matting doesn't just look bad; it's actually dangerous for your cat's health.

Given enough time, matted fur can potentially cause your cat to hurt itself. When a cat has a large matted chunk of fur, it will still try to groom and scratch itself as it normally does. If your cat kicks itself to scratch and gets a claw caught on that mat, the mat can get ripped out of the cat's body. This can leave an open wound in the skin that can become infected and septic. Considering that it's nearly impossible to see the skin of most long-haired cats, your cat could suffer from this condition without you even knowing.

Consumption of Hair

Lastly, keep in mind that long-haired cats are certainly not immune to hairballs. Since they have more fur than the average short-haired cat, that means that there's a higher potential of them consuming fur when they groom themselves.

Loose fur can create hairballs, or it can create more dangerous gastrointestinal blockages. Hair acts like a dam in the intestines, as it isn't digested by the stomach. If the blockage becomes big enough, your cat may not be able to eat or pass waste depending on where the blockage is. This can quickly become a life-threatening situation without the help of a vet.

If you weren't sure before, you probably are now: your cat needs pet grooming service. Doing so will ensure your cat's safety and comfort and keep it looking beautiful.