Your Cat Can Sit Still: Brushing A Cat

Posted on: 28 October 2015

If your cat often gets mats, it can be difficult to remove them if your cat doesn't want to sit still. It's understandable that your cat wouldn't want to be brushed, since there is the occasional moment where you might accidentally tug at your cat's hair. Also, being brushed is not a natural thing for a cat to experience. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can get your cat to sit still long enough for you to brush it.

Preparing To Brush Your Cat

First, make sure to get a brush designed for brushing cats. These brushes will be more likely to be pleasant, which will make your cat more willing to be brushed. Also, pay attention to the mood of your cat and wait for a moment when it is less active.

The Clicker Method

Get a clicker. This is a device that makes a clicking noise. Then, operate the clicker to create the noise and always give your cat a treat. The clicker will cause your cat to associate it with a treat. When you are training your cat to associate the click with a treat, do not force the cat to stay with you. For instance, if your cat wants to go look out a window, trying to bring the cat back to the training area will create a negative experience that will cause your cat to not like the clicker.

Once your cat appears to associate clicking with treats, get a brush out. Touch your cat's back with the brush. Then, click and give your cat a treat. Brush your cat until your cat behaves as if it no longer gives you consent to brush it. Then, withdraw the brush. If your cat paws the brush, it is giving you consent and you should brush, click, offer a treat and then continue brushing again. However, if your cat simply leaves, be patient and wait an hour before trying to brush your cat again. Eventually, your cat will associate brushing and clicking with a treat.

The Circle Method

Another way to encourage your cat to sit still is to create a circle. This could be done with a cord or with tape. There is no known reason for why cats choose to sit in circles, but this method could get your cat to sit still long enough so you can brush it. However, this approach does not work for all cats. If you still can't brush your cat, you should take it to a cat groomer. Cat groomers often have tricks that can get a cat to sit still.

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